Getting Started


The first thing you need to learn is how to tune the guitar.  Tuning is tightening the strings of the guitar just right so that they play the correct notes when you pluck them.
Below is a video I recorded while tuning my ukulele.  The same thing works for the guitar, except the strings are tuned to different notes.  In the video, I used an app called GuitarTuna and you can use it one a computer to tune a guitar.
Look at the picture to see the notes on the strings.  Click it to see it full screen!


I provide music for the guitar for all of the songs we learn in class.  The music is written in something called ‘tablature’ which works like the finger numbers on the piano.  Watch the video down below for a great demonstration on how it works.  I didn’t create this, but I wish I had!

Once you have the hang of it, you’ll be able to try playing some of the songs from class!


Here are some videos on how to play different chords.  These are not necessary to play the songs from class, but they are here as a reference.







Changing Chords

A - D

C - Am

E - D Slide

E - D - A