Piano Fundamentals

Note for Grown-Ups

These materials outline the general strategies that are taught and practiced in class.  Approaching a task with a step-by-step strategy makes it simpler to understand, follow and form good habits.

Eventually, the goal is to have the student comfortable in approaching the keyboard and knowing their way around its geography,  without employing the strategy.

The Importance of Oreos!

I refer to the groups of 2 black keys on the keyboard as an “oreo,” as in the cookie, because Oreos have 2 chocolate cookies with white cream in the center.  Encourage your child to point their finger in the middle of the oreo and scoop out the cream, by sliding down.  This outlines the first two steps for finding “first position”.


First Position
C Position

Printable Quick Reference Card

Step By Step

Use this step by step video to practice finding First Position, like we do in class.