Duerme Pronto, Book 1, In C and In D


Mother Holding Baby

This is two more ways to play this beautiful lullaby from Mexico.  The words are in Spanish.

Make sure you watch the videos at the bottom, which are about Mexico’s culture.

The melody has a repeating pattern in it and there is more than one way to play it, because it is written in 4 different keys.  The key changes how high or low the notes are, because we start and end on a different note in each key.


The Lesson

At The Piano

In C Slow Speed

In D Slow Speed

Sheet Music

Make sure you watch the video above for a discussion of the sheet music and explanations. Remember that this page has the song on it 2 times.

Notice that when you play the song in D, the 3rd finger is a sharp, so you have to move it up to the black key on the keyboard.

Don’t forget to practice it over and over again until you are able to make mom or dad fall asleep! Then you can post on FlipGrid and try to make me and your classmates fall asleep.

Let’s see some performances that will put us to sleep!

Take it slow and remember to break it up into phrases.

Digging Deeper