One Bottle of Pop, Part 3


London, England

This is a traditional round from England.  It is sung in 3 parts.

A little translation for you from the original English.

A bottle of pop is a bottle of soda.

To chuck muck is to throw garbage.

Fish and chips is a traditional dish in England of fried fish and french fries, which are called chips in England.  In England, most people eat fish and chips with vinegar.

Cheerio, chaps.


The Lesson

At The Piano

Sheet Music

Make sure you watch the video above for a discussion of the sheet music and explanations. Remember to notice when you have to switch and play with a different hand.

Don’t forget to practice it over and over again until you are able to play it allegro! That means fast and spirited.

Let’s see some exciting performances!

Take it slow and remember to break it up into phrases.

Digging Deeper